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Neconote Flea market for Tohoku in Kyoto Vol. 1 10/21 10月21日 ねこのてフリーマーケット for 東北 Vol. 1

Neconote Team at Charity Event in Shiga December 2011
We are still a long way from recovery in Tohoku. At Neconote we believe that every contribution counts! Building upon previous and ongoing Kansai-based efforts to support revitilization in the disaster areas, we hope to continue with that momentum with the bi-annual Neconote Flea Market for Disaster Recovery. All funds will be contributed to local organizations in Tohoku (More details below). Hope to see you on the 21st!



Sunday, October 21 10am-4pm

Higashiyama Ikiki Shinimkatsudo Center
Location: 3-5 minute walk from Sanjo Keihan Station. Map at link below:

Items for sale! フリーマーケットで販売する商品は!!!

1. 古着や本
We will have used books and very good quality used clothes for sale.

Kame comi towels (info below) for purchase. They support the work of a cafe in Ishinomaki in spreading news and information throughout the city and region through community events and a community newspaper.
かわいいでしょう? (日本語 Japanese) (日本語 Japanese) (日本語と英語 Japanese and English)

3. 阿部水産の海苔
Seaweed products from an Ishinomaki producer whose factory was destroyed

4. 気仙沼タコアトリエ生まれの「小原木タコちゃん」。
Takochan made by a group in Kessenuma小原木タコちゃん/312809398765515

5. フクシマと日本のエネルギーの将来に関する私たちの本「Fresh Currents (新たな潮流)」の本
Kyoto Journal/Heian-Kyo Media publication, "Fresh Currents," on Fukushima and renewable energy alternatives.


All proceeds will go to the three local Tohoku organizations noted above. We focus on supporting local organizations in the disaster area and making sure that we never forget what has happened and is still taking place in Tohoku.


So far we have
1. Folk, traditional and popular song artist Felicity Greenland歌声喫茶/202790364542?fref=ts

2. Eric Johnston (Japan Times) to talk about Fresh Currents and shifting from a nuclear past to a renewable future
3. 3 unlikely characters- Honami, Jen and Tokuda- one guitar, two vocalists:)
4. LOOKING FOR MORE! Contact us if you are interested in lending your artistic talents to support Tohoku!

If you'd like to collaborate in some way, do contact us! We are all about linking up!

contact: ねこのて
Jennifer Teeter- 英語・日本語 English/Japanese
Tokuda Hiroyuki- 日本語 Japanese (英語・日本語 English/Japanese)

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